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Bringing science from the lab… to the sea.

We are manufacturers of the innovative family of biodegradable products called BacTANK T3®. All of our products eliminate odors and perform some of the toughest cleaning tasks. These products use natural, safe bacterial enzyme technology that eliminates the need to use any harsh chemicals.

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Environmentally Safe Chemistry

We combine environmentally safe chemistry with natural beneficial microbiology. The resulting dual action products are both effective and bio-active in cleaning, odor control and waste degradation. Our products are designed to be safe and to outperform harsh chemicals.

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The bacteria we use have a genotypic identification by 16S 500
base pair rDNA sequencing
analysis. Click here to read more.

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Effective Cleaning and Odor Control

Suitable for: Commercial & Restaurants Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Home and Commercial, Animal waste- Stables, Pastures, Control Flies, Kennels and Yards, Veterinarian Offices, Organic Carpet-Fabric Cleaner, Hydrocarbons, Automotive Parts Washers Bioremediation

How does BacTankT3 work?

Bioremediation - Bio-augmentation

We are committed to preserving the environment and using natural products provided by that environment, THAT actually WORK. Our products are effective in many areas of your life and business.

We guarantee it.

Nolan Bio Labs, Inc.

Our philosophy is to bring to the consumer the best possible environmentally correct products at the lowest possible price and made with the best available natural ingredients, along with providing the best possible service and education.

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