Septic Tank Solutions


Septic tanks are designed to hold human waste. Bacteria degrades and liquefies the waste thru bacterial action. Putting down harsh chemicals i.e. Clorox, dyes, and an abundance of soap suds and dish washing detergents will cause the septic tank to cake up. This gives you less area for liquid degrade.

When this happens, your septic tanks begins to over-flow and cause severe damage. “Here comes the pump-out trunk.” He may or may not tear up your yard!

Bacterial action also keeps the drain lines open and can break down build up that causes them to not work. “Here comes the back-hoe”. Do you ever wonder why you see a septic pump-out truck towing a back-hoe?

To help stop these problems, use a liquid product that has over 5 Billion bugs per gallon.

Directions: Use 20 oz. per month. Split the liquid between all drains, especially the kitchen — let stand over night.