Septic Tank, Yard and Wallet Saver


No one has a septic tank issue until they have one. Sounds silly, but its true. It is inconvenient to regularly check your septic pipes, lines and tank and unfortunately, the task usually goes undone until its too late. Usually it begins with a toilet clog and then spreads to the other pipes in your home. In order to remediate the problem after the fact, the plumbing and septic tank company usually has to access your underground tank and piping-completely destroying your landscaping and seriously injuring your bank account. 

I use an environmentally friendly, biological solution in my home called BacTankT3 Septic Tank Treatment ( Its cost effective and has prevented any problems. It also solved the problems caused by waste build up for my friend’s dad. Here is his story:

I can’t thank you enough for your help with our clogged waste lines. It all started out with a clogged toilet that turned into two toilets ,two showers and two sinks clogged.I first rented the drain auger and discovered the clog was actually 4 ft. below the clean out down in the slab floor of our garage.

We called a plumber next and they worked on it for four hours at the clean out and dug up the inlet pipe at the septic tank in an attempt to tackle it from the other direction. They finally gave up and said the concrete foundation should be busted up and the pipe cut out replaced and concrete re poured. (costly) The only problems were the A/C unit and pad are in the way along with the natural gas line that intersects where the cutting would take place.The rough estimate was 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 dollars not really knowing the A/C cost.

We were glad to try your product. We put one gallon in the clean out and let it set for 2 days. I next poured water into the clean out and it was still clogged,but you could see the water level go down and that was a good sign .Next we just let it sit for the next 4 days. We again put water in the clean out and it was still clogged ,but the water moved out faster.Then I rented another plumbers snake to try to help it out and in maybe two minutes the clog was clear.

We were so happy you just don’t know.The plumber that worked on it said that he rarely finds one that he can’t unclog and when he does they have to cut them out.Lynn called their office and told them what happened and they want to talk to you also. We will start a treatment program as you recommended for our septic system and we will tell our neighbors and friends too.Sorry to write so much I just had alot to say .

The BacTankT3 is awesome

Thanks again Donny & Lynn B.

Donny and Lynn were able to use the Septic Tank solution to solve the problem and cure their headache. Before you have an issue and have your entire yard and life uprooted, use a little help from the environment and begin degrading waste the natural way. 

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