How Does BacTankT3 Products Work

All of our products use all-natural safe bacteria to eliminate odors and perform some of the toughest cleaning tasks. Bacteria are present everywhere in our environment, such as drinking water, streams, rivers, lakes and soils. We use non-pathogenic bacteria that are responsible for the removal and purification of all waste material from the soil and water through their biological oxidation process. When bacteria-based products are placed in an application and waste is introduced, the bacteria produce enzymes that convert the waste into a food source for the bacteria. Naturally-occurring bacteria degrade the waste or other problematic material. Our bugs produce enzymes that break down the waste or other “food source” in an environmentally friendly process. Our microbes are 100% viable and are intended to be used in Bio-Augmentation, Bio-remediation, in-situ operations.

How is BacTankT3 different from competitors?

Our “bugs” or bacteria are naturally occurring and are not engineered.
Nearly all other cleaning products currently used, apart from our environmentally safe “bugs”, have harsh chemicals that effect the environment and even the health of those who use them negatively. These harsh chemicals not only impact our environment, but also can cause damage to customers’ waste management systems. Harsh chemicals kill the normal, biological action that should be taking place in holding tanks, pump-out stations, septic tanks & drain fields.

Our bacteria are facultative, meaning that our bugs are effective with or without oxygen. Many competitive biological products need oxygen to survive. To the consumer, our facultative bugs will keep reducing waste and odors even in poorly ventilated applications.

Nolan Bio Labs, Inc.’s formulary of BacTankT3 products combines environmentally safe chemistry with natural beneficial microbiology. The resulting dual action products are both effective and bio-active in cleaning, odor control and waste degradation.

Who should use BacTankT3?

A complete line of biodegradable products are available for various sized boats, R.V.s , yachts, houseboats, restaurants, lift stations, septic systems, agricultural processes, commercial vessels, municipalities and off shore rigs as well as other numerous aquatic and marina applications.

In short, ANYONE interested in removing waste /problematic materials and odors without harming the environment would benefit from using BacTankT3.

What are some different types of bacteria?

Bacteria are either non-pathogenic meaning harmless and abundant in nature or pathogenic meaning harmful, but not as abundant. Microbes used in holding tanks are either live-vegetative or spore forming. The live vegetative is a good type, but has limitations because it is more fragile and dies more quickly that the hardier spore bacteria. The spore form is encapsulated and just waiting to be called into action. We use a naturally occurring, spore form of non-pathogenic bacteria in our products.

How are our bugs chosen?

Different bacteria produce different enzymes based on the waste or other problematic material present. Said more plainly, different bugs degrade different waste. Our bugs are taken from soil samples from a target area. For example, if human waste is to be broken down a sample may be taken from the soil near an outhouse. From those samples, our scientists separate out the specific bacteria that will produce the correct enzymes that will convert the waste into something to eat for the bacteria.

How does the use of the correct bacteria affect the breakdown of unwanted materials?

As previously mentioned, when bacteria-based holding tank products are placed in the holding tank and waste is introduced, the bacteria produce enzymes that convert the waste into a food source for the bacteria. The bacteria need this food source to reproduce. The correct bacteria produce the correct enzymes: Thus the cycle keeps on working until all waste is destroyed- and the bacteria die when nothing is left to eat. The end product of this bacterial action is water and carbon dioxide- completing nature’s cycle. This in turn creates a fully biodegradable process without harsh chemicals.

What are the environmental advantages to using BacTankT3?

Nolan Bio Labs, Inc. products dissipate the odors and liquefy the organic, human waste without damaging the environment with harsh chemicals whether this material is discharged off shore or held in the tanks to be disposed of at a pump-out facility. Due to waterborne diseases and shellfish contamination, humans can also suffer health risks due to the inadequate processing of sewage in marine areas. Furthermore, sewage acts as a fertilizer and increases algal growth, which blocks needed sunlight for important nursery vegetation for young fish. Bio-enzymatic or bio-formulation BacTankT3 products are the most environmentally friendly way to treat waste and odor problems in numerous applications. They treat the waste, turning it to liquid, while destroying the bacteria that smell or cause odors.

Is there a correct process when switching from a harsh chemical to BacTANK T3?

Yes. There is a "best practice" way for a customer who has previously used a harsh chemical to switch to our biological product :

1.Pump out tank.

2. Fill with clean water.

3. Add 1/4-1/2 cup of baking soda

4. Take the boat out for a bit. “Sally Ship” to disperse baking soda.

5. Pump

6. Add 1 to 2 inches of clean water to cover bottom of tank.

7. Begin BacTANK T3 regimen.

What Is NBL currently working on?

Currently, Nolan Bio Labs, Inc. is also focusing on new technologies for hydrocarbon degradation, grease degradation, denitrification, odor control, and hydrogen sulfide reduction in treatment plants. With the recent catastrophes involving oil spills and water pollution, it is important for our environmentally focused company to use our skills and resources to help in any way we can. ABR Hydrocarbon microbes/enzymes can be used in oil remediation without raising the Biochemical Oxygen Demand in the lakes, ponds and oceans. The specific organisms to break down the damaging components occurring in an oil spoil or similar disaster have already been developed by Nolan Bio Labs, Inc. and we are awaiting implementation.

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