Holding Tank Product:

(Excerpt) I have had close contact with Barbara in the Arkansas Marine Sanitation Program, in which I lead. Barbara Nolan is of the character that if she tells you of a way to solve a problem, you need to listen and get ready to apply the product and technique to your specific task. I have in mind one location in Arkansas that was seemingly an impossible task to correct. At one of our marinas on Greer’s Ferry Lake, a 540 foot section of four inch pipe with a head pressure of over 50 feet was totally plugged with years of marine sewage, because of the lack of ability for the pipe to be completely voided of sewage after the pump pushed sewage to a septic system at the top of the hill with two paved roads to deal with belonging to the Little Rock District of the Corps of Engineers. With the plugged pipe, this marina was without the ability to pump marine waste from vessels on one of the better lakes in the U.S. and an inability to send bathroom waste from the marina facility to the septic system. Sewage was entering the lake which is also a public water supply for a good portion of Arkansas.

I contacted Barbara Nolan and told her of the situation. She contacted Richard Weaver of Lacey’s Narrows Marina and a plan came together on the products to use and the technique to apply. The problem pipe is flowing and Greer’s Ferry Lake is without this point source of pollution thanks to Barbara Nolan (President and CEO of Nolan Bio Labs, Inc and BacTANK T3)


Thomas L. Jones

Senior Environmental Health Specialist, Federal Clean Vessel Act Grant Coordinator, and Arkansas Public Swim Beach Program


Septic Tank Product:

Hi! Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for your help with our clogged waste lines. It all started out with a clogged toilet that turned into two toilets ,two showers and two sinks clogged.I first rented the drain auger and discovered the clog was actually 4 ft. below the clean out down in the slab floor of our garage.We called a plumber next and they worked on it for four hours at the clean out and dug up the inlet pipe at the septic tank in an attempt to tackle it from the other direction. They finally gave up and said the concrete foundation should be busted up and the pipe cut out replaced and concrete re poured. (costly) The only problems were the A/C unit and pad are in the way along with the natural gas line that intersects where the cutting would take place.The rough estimate was 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 dollars not really knowing the A/C cost. We were glad to try your product. We put one gallon in the clean out and let it set for 2 days.

I next poured water into the clean out and it was still clogged,but you could see the water level go down and that was a good sign .Next we just let it sit for the next 4 days. We again put water in the clean out and it was still clogged ,but the water moved out faster.Then I rented another plumbers snake to try to help it out and in maybe two minutes the clog was clear. We were so happy you just don’t know.The plumber that worked on it said that he rarely finds one that he can’t unclog and when he does they have to cut them out.Lynn called their office and told them what happened and they want to talk to you also. We will start a treatment program as you recommended for our septic system and we will tell our neighbors and friends too.Sorry to write so much I just had a lot to say . The BacTankT3  is awesome.

Thanks again

Donny & Lynn Brown


BacTANK T3 Products:

(Excerpt) Barbara Nolan is the owner of Nolan Bio Labs, Inc. in Stone Mountain, GA. Donnie and I have been using her bacteria for years. She is the BEST when it comes to Bacteria Bugs. I know you have many other people say they do the same, but Donnie and I believe Barbara is a quality person, with quality knowledge, and quality products.

Ignacio L. del Valle

Marine Sales Group 


Letter sent to Practical Sailer Magazine in response to an article:

Great article on holding tank odor products (February 2012). I was surprised that you missed one that prides itself of the amount of bacteria in each bottle: BacTankT3 (www.bactankt3.com) by Nolan Bio Labs. I am not the manufacturer, but we do stock the product here at Amanzi-Marine (www.amanzi-marine.com).

We stock it because it is the best in class we have ever found, and its priced right from a retail perspective—not the most expensive and not the cheapest. We don’t stock anything else for holding tanks.

John Jacobi, Amanzi-Marine
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.